Our pre-registration process

After you fill in the day care registration form and press send, we will call you within 24-48 hours to get several details about your child and to secure the $75 supply fee. This will ensure your child has a reserved spot on his/her start date.



Cost per Week

Mozarts (6 wks - 7mo) $180
Monets (8 mo - 13 mo) $175
Picassos (14 mo - 22 mo) $170
Pavarottis (23 mo - 35 mo) $165
Rembrandts (3 yrs - 5 yrs) $160
One time supply fee $75

Pre-registration Form


“In a recent study published in Child Development, better classroom materials and practices in the day care setting were associated with more advanced development of children's language and academic skills.”

- Mary Gosche

Mary Gosche is a Human Development Specialist for the University of Missouri Extension in the Cape Girardeau County and the Southeast Region.

Special Offers

Photo of pre-school children with thier Child Care teacher.
Currently we do not have any special offers.

Creative Curriculum

Our curriculum, The Creative Curriculum, is the country's leading research-validated curriculum. Each age group: infants, toddlers, twos and pre-schoolers have their own curriculum designed specifically to aid in their development and learning progression.

Our curriculum, along with our arts-based philosophy, is perfect for getting our children prepared to excel!

Our Curriculum

Photo of pre-school children with thier Child Care teacher.
In addition to teaching our children the Arts we will also teach our children the fundamentals in education so they are well prepared when they go to school.
Athens Child Care is approved by Safe Search